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My skin feels way more supple and my pores are so much smaller!

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Detoxify your body, look at the result in 28 days.

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Helps you achieve your optimal body and the certainty that accompanies that. You have more energy and feel better as though you are on top of the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does FitBody Slim Tea have a laxative effect?

    No! Our Tea is designed to burn fat and to prevent the body from accumulating fat cells . We have not researched such effects from use of the tea

  • How many kilos will I lose?

    Everything depends on your body type, food that you eat and workout activity. Some people see significant results because they combine the tea with exercise and a healthier diet.

  • Is your product 100% natural?

    BIG YES! Our Slim Tea contains specially selected herbs from all over the world, combined together to provide the perfect formula for the best slimming results!

  • If I am pregnant can I drink Slim Tea?

    Congratulations! We would advise you to consult with your doctor. All the ingredients are listed on our website so that you have clear information what the Tea contains.

  • How often should I use Slim Tea?

    Slim Tea can be consumed as long as you need it. It is 100% natural and every body type is different so every person requires a different amount of time to consume it. As long as you feel better and see results, our Slim Tea is perfect for you!

  • When should I drink the tea?

    Take it 2 times a day, once before breakfast and once before lunch.

  • How do you prepare Slim Tea?

    Put 5-7 grams of the herbs (which is around 1 tablespoon) in 600ml of water. Wait 10-12 minutes and your Slim Tea is ready.

  • What is the difference between SlimFit and Detox Tea?

    Slim Tea is designed and produced to burn calories and prevent the build up of new fat. Detox Tea is the ultimate helper to rid your body of toxins, speed up your metabolism and reduce a bloated belly. Detox tea gives you a lot of energy throughout the day and a lot of ladies prefer it instead of coffee.

  • How Does Slim Tea Work?

    Slim Tea is an all natural premium tea which contains a special collection of herbs which naturally burns calories. Drinking it twice a day gives signal to your body to remove unwanted fat and start decomposing fat cells.

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