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My skin feels way more supple and my pores are so much smaller!

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Our team is our family. That’s what we call each other. A common goal brought us together years ago. And now the fruit of your determination makes your life happier. Our goal was to make our life full of LIFE and by now it has become a reality.

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My favourite SLIM tea. I always drink this tea, because it tastes a lot more delicate and aromatic than classic green tea. It helps me balance out a day of too much food!


This is my all time FAV @FitBodyTea. Seriously this stuff is amazing. Less bloating, more energy, amazing taste. I also add some ice to mine. Get ready for the summer & go debloat! #FitBodyDetox


I can really feel the difference. This really works.


Back to self love and self care and no better way to kick it off than with @FitBodyTea`s 28 day DETOX Tea. Btw if you have ever tried Detox teas they are usually more of a bitter green tea taste but this is actually a little sweet and tastes awesome cold…. and most importantly it doesn`t affect your stomach with harsh teatox effects #FitBody


Tea in, toxins out. Feeling slim and energised with @FitBodySlimTea.


I`ve been drinking #DetoxTea for 12 days and my sugar cravings are almost non-existent! Also my taste for coffee has changed. I don`t crave it anymore. @FitBodyDetoxTea


Life is like a cup of tea. It`s all in how you make it. Week 1 of my #FitBodySlimTea completed, feeling great.


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