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Our story is my own story

I’ve hit the deepest bottom in my life, I would even stop dreaming at all but what I found changed my life forever and now it can change yours.

I start my story with these words and I genuinely hope that till its end you will find the confidence and the drive I was desperately seeking year after year.

The bottom I talk about is one of the most dangerous places a woman could ever find herself in. There it could be so obscure that the gloom could stop every spark of beauty which the day gives us.

I was locked up by the chains of overweight and my life was passing between the daily’s rush, the chocolate temptations, the fast foods, and the office work. Day after day, year after year this burden was getting heavier, killing even the little pieces of happiness which were left.

The clock was ticking, the days were passing and between them was me and my little hell. Suddenly the arrows stopped. I stood in front of the mirror and the bitter and row truth hit me in the face. The woman in the mirror was weak, hopeless, without desire for life, fall into panic and anxiety. At this moment I could simply go away for work and forget about my thoughts and truth yelling in front of myself like I always do every time for years.

But this time something different happened. Something in me as though rebelled as never before. This was an unusual morning which turned into the most important one during my entire life. I realized that is high time to change entirely the way I live, it was time to swim up back to the surface.


Probably, now you think that I’ve started the first diet I found on the internet but that’s far away from the truth. I discovered that I must rethink the way I eat and think. I started with questions like: Why are you hurting your body, why are you eating such junks, why are you not more active, why you have nothing natural in your days? The answer has always been simple and easy to execute. All I had to do all these years was to simply LOVE MYSELF.

That’s how my new journey started – the most astonishing one in my life. I began doing yoga, eating healthy and replacing more and more things of my day with their natural equivalent.

I don’t talk only about the body but for its relation with the mind and the spirit. I found myself mentally and gradually I saw how my thinking got extended. I started thinking in perspective. I could accept outside points of view easier than ever before. I allowed nature in my life and found the balance.

However, the most impacting to me was the power of herbs. I was enchanted by the way they influence and clean up our body, giving it tune for a new life. I created something only for me. I called it „the new life elixir”. It consisted of selected herbs from all around the globe which is active all day. Because of them, I was feeling fantastic in my skin, light as a feather and full of energy. My body and my soul were free.

Today, this magnificent discovery comes to you as “FitBody”. It takes care not only for your waist but for your soul as well. FitBody doesn’t aim just to set you free from the surplus weight but to give you a whole new way of living. To give you a life full of ambitions, love, and care to yourself. Every gulp of it will boost you with good mood and tameless desire for LIVING.

Change is possible, all it requires is a desire for it. Everything I have proved and selected is waiting for you below. Together we can reach new peaks. Are you ready?